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Suffering, Survival, and Transformation
U.S. Policy Towards Iran: Problems and Prospects
Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy
Nuclear Proliferation and the Lessons of the India-Pakistan Conflict
The Rumsfeld Memo and the Betrayal of American Values
Human Rights Activism
Media, Prime Minister Modi,and the Transformation of India
Reflections on a Life as Scholar, Teacher, and Policy Advisor
Military Strategy and the Future of Land Warfare
Freedom of Expression, Tolerance, and Human Rights
DNA and the Criminal Justice System
Studying the Human Condition: Habits of a Militant Anthropologist
America and Islam After Iraq
Problems Confronting the NATO Alliance
Sweden in the Post 9/11 World
Nuclear Proliferation
The Air Force in the Twenty First Century
Reflections on a Career in International Law
Grand Strategy and American Triumphalism