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Svante Paabo
Neanderthal Man
George Packer
The Unwinding
George Packer
Technology and Inequality
George Packer
Identity Politics and the Decline of U.S. Institutions
Nell Irvin Painter
Reflections of an Historian
Orhan Pamuk
Finding an Authentic Voice
Leon Panetta
Leadership, Values, and the Changing Nature of Politics
Robert A. Pape
The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism
Trita Parsi
Obama's Diplomacy with Iran
Trita Parsi
Iran, Israel, and the United States
Stewart Patrick
Building a Multilateral International Order
Stewart Patrick
Building a Multilateral Order
Christopher Patten
Shaping Environmental Policy
Christopher Patten
Ideas, Political Leadership, and the Lessons of Hong Kong
Annabel Patterson
The Power of Words and the Power over Words
T.V. Paul
Nuclear Weapons and International Conflict
T.V. Paul
The Warrior State: Pakistan in the Contemporary World
Linus Pauling
The Peace Movement in Historical Perspective
James E. Peebles
A Cosmologist's Intellectual Journey
Gilles Peress
Images, Reality, and the Curse of History
Henri Peretz
Oral History in Sociological Research
John Perry
Philip Pettit
William Pfaff
The End of the Cold War
Paul Pierson
The Transformation of American Politics
Steven Pinker
Understanding Human Nature
Daniel Pipes
Militant Islam
Norman Podhoretz
The Battle over Ideas
Michael Pollan
The Politics of Food
Nelson Polsby
Institutional Change in the U.S.Congress
John Pomfret
Covering Human Rights
John Pomfret
The Emergence of the New China
Samantha Power
Chasing the Flame
Clyde Prestowitz
The Changing Balance of International Economic Power