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Ernst B. Haas
Science and Progress in International Relations
Philip Habib
The Work of Diplomacy
William Haglund
Voices from the Grave
Roya Hakakian
Identity, Freedom, and Revolution
George C. Halvorson
Reforming American Health Care
David Hamburg
Conflict and Conflict Resolution
David Hamburg
Making Ideas Matter
Allan J. Hamilton
A Surgeon's Journey Beyond Science
Sung-Joo Han
Diplomacy and International Politics
Wolfram Hanrieder
Victor Davis Hanson
Iraq and the Lessons of the Peloponnesian War
Victor Davis Hanson
Michael Hardt
Eva Harris
Making Science Accessible
Peter D. Hart
Taking the Pulse of America
John Harte
Understanding the Global Environmental Crisis
David Harvey
A Geographer's Perspective on the New American Imperialism
Amira Hass
Occupation and Terrorism
Ron E. Hassner
Religion and Politics
Jeff Hawkins
On Intelligence
Peter Hayes
Political Activism, NGOs, and Globalization
Siegfried S. Hecker
Science Diplomacy and Nuclear Threats
Father J. Bryan Hehir
Ethics and Foreign Policy
John Heilbron
Science and History
Gunnar Hekscher
Where Is Sweden Heading?
Judge Shelton Henderson
Lessons of the Civil Rights Movement
Judith Herman
Psychological Insight and Political Understanding: The Case of Trauma and Recovery
Dudley Herschbach
Science and Society
Jesus Silva Herzog
Mexico and the Problem of International Debt
Ira Michael Heyman
Values, Persuasion, and Leadership in the Public Sector
Lindsey Hilsum
Libya in the Time of Revolution
Christopher Hitchens
A Dissenting Voice
Arlie Hochschild
Anger and Mourning on the American Right
Thomas Hockin
Conflict and Conflict Resolution in U.S. - Canadian Relations
Eva Hoffman
Between Memory and History: A Writer's Voice
Yossie Hollander
Freedom from Oil Dependence
Brenda Hollis
War Crimes Prosecution
Stephen Holmes
America's Reckless Response To Terror
Alexandra Horowitz
A Dog's World
Jerry Hough
The Soviet Union after Brezhnev
Jerry Hough
Gorbachev's Reforms
Michael Howard
The Transformation of Europe
Franklin Pierce Huddle
U.S. Policy in Central Asia
Sir David Hunt
Reflections on a Career in Diplomacy
Samuel Huntington
The Problem of Strategy