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John Philip Abizaid
The Military in the Post 911 World
Elliot Abrams
Identity, Values, and the Conduct of US Foreign Policy
Gyorgy Aczel
Current Issues in Hungary
Khaled Ahmed
Pakistan and Islamic Fundamentalism
Michael Aho
Protectionism or Free Trade: Whither the International Economy?
Edward Alden
Terrorism, Immigration and Security Since 9/11
Zhores I. Alferov
Scientific Discovery and the Information Age
Tariq Ali
Islam, Empire, and the Left
Tariq Ali
Stuart Altman
Power, Politics, and Universal Health Care
Sidney Altman
Unraveling the Mystery of Ribonucleic Acid (RNA)
Stephen Ambrose
The Eisenhower Presidency
Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im
Islam and the Secular State
Michael Anastasio
Managing National Science Laboratories
Perry Anderson
Reflections on the Left from the Left
Frans Andriessen
The Transformation of Europe
Kofi Annan
Leading the United Nations
Kwame Anthony Appiah
Identity and Cosmopolitanism
Alexey G. Arbatov
Making Foreign Policy in a Democratic Russia
Kritaya Archavanitkul
Emerging Issues in Human Rights in Southeast Asia
John Arquilla
International Relations in the Information Age"
Talal Asad
Thinking About Religion, Secularism and Politics
Timothy Garton Ash
Intellectual Odyssey
Hanan Ashrawi
A Palestinian Voice
Anders Aslund
Why Market Reform Succeeded and Democracy Failed in Russia
Jan Assmann
From Akhenaten to Moses: Ancient Egypt and Religious Change
Alfred L. Atherton
The Peace Process in the Middle East
Shlomo Avineri
The Political Debate in Israel: Security and Ideology