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Professor Paul Butler
Jennifer Doudna
Unraveling CRISPR-Cas9
Samuel Bowles
The Moral Economy
Sherry Turkle
Identity in a Cyber World
Jennifer Granholm
Leadership and Change
Eugenie C. Scott
Defending Science
Sir Lawrence Freedman
Reflections on War
Michael Warner
Publics and Counterpublics
David Cole
Political Activism and Constitutional Law
George Packer
Identity Politics and the Decline of U.S. Institutions
Deborah Tannen
A Linguist’s Intellectual Journey
Arlie Hochschild
Anger and Mourning on the American Right
Harold Palmer Smith
A Moment in Time: The Cooperative Threat Reduction Program and the End of the Cold War
Elliot Abrams
Identity, Values, and the Conduct of US Foreign Policy
Marion Nestle
Food and Politics
Niall Ferguson
World Order: Brexit, Populism and Kissinger
Annette Gordon-Reed
Thomas Jefferson, Sally Hemings, and the Burden of Slavery
Oliver Stone
Movies, Politics, and History
Didier Fassin
Ethnography and Theory
V.S. Ramachandran
Thinking about the Brain