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See video Ian Morris, Jean and Rebecca Willard Professor of Classics and History, Stanford University The Patterns of History Dec 3 2010
See video Alain C. Enthoven, Marriner S. Eccles Emeritus Professor of Public and Private Management, Stanford University Planning, Policy and Politics Nov 18 2010
See video Micah Zenko, Fellow in the Center for Preventive Action at the Council on Foreign Limited Military Action in the Post-Cold War World Nov 16 2010
See video Tom Segev, Author The Life and Work of Simon Wiesenthal Nov 12 2010
See video Gideon Rose, Editor of Foreign Affairs How Wars End Oct 27 2010
See video Richard H. Thaler, Ralph and Dorothy Keller Distinguished Professor University of Chicago Behavioral Economics Oct 19 2010
See video Gurcharan Das, Author The Subtle Art of Dharma Oct 19 2010
See video Tariq Ramadan, Professor of Islamic Studies on the Faculty of Theology, Oxford University Islam, Identity, and Globalization Oct 7 2010
See video Sebastian Mallaby, Paul A.Volcker Senior Fellow for International Economics,Council on Foreign Hedge Funds and the World Economy Sep 28 2010
See video Sidney Altman, 1989 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Unraveling the Mystery of Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) Sep 23 2010
See video Roger Daniels, Charles Phelps Taft Professor Emeritus of History University of Cincinnati U.S.Immigration Policy Sep 13 2010
See video Andrew J. Bacevich, Professor of History and International Relations Boston University America's Path to Permanent War Aug 13 2010
See video Charlotte D. Jacobs, Shenson Professor Emeritus of Medicine in the Division of Oncology at the Stanford School of Medicine Henry Kaplan and the Story of Hodgkin's Disease Aug 9 2010
See video Oronto Douglas, Environmental Lawyer and Advisor to the President of Nigeria The BP Disaster: Lessons from the Niger Delta Jul 7 2010
See video George C. Halvorson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kaiser Permanente Reforming American Health Care Jun 10 2010
See video Gregory L. Schulte, U.S. Permanent Representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (2005-2009) Nuclear Proliferation May 4 2010
See video Harry Kreisler, Conversations Host and Executive Producer Political Awakenings Apr 29 2010
See video Siegfried S. Hecker, Former Director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory Science Diplomacy and Nuclear Threats Apr 8 2010
See video Susumu Shimazono, Professor of Religious Studies, University of Tokyo From Salvation to Spirituality Apr 6 2010
See video Neil J. Smelser, University Professor Emeritus of Sociology, University of California Berkeley Reflections on the University of California: From the Free Speech Movement to the Global University. Mar 18 2010
See video Allan Gotlieb, Canadian Ambassador to the U.S. 1981-1989 Reflections on U.S.- Canada Relations Mar 11 2010
See video Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im, Candler Professor of Law at Emory University Islam and the Secular State Mar 10 2010
See video Nathaniel Fick, Chief Executive Officer, Center for a New American Security The Making of an Officer Feb 25 2010
See video Garry Wills, Emeritus Professor of History, Northwestern University The Modern Presidency and the National Security State Feb 10 2010
See video James Wright, President Emeritus and Eleazar Wheelock Professor of History, Dartmouth College American Democracy, Veterans, and Higher Education Feb 3 2010
See video William K. Coblentz, Attorney and Civic Leader What Made California Great Jan 21 2010
See video Stephen S. Cohen, Professor in the Graduate School, University of California, Berkeley What Happens When Other Countries Have the Money Jan 14 2010
See video Edward N. Luttwak, Senior Associate, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, D.C The Grand Strategy of the Byzantine Empire Dec 8 2009
See video Hanna Holborn Gray, Former President, University of Chicago Leadership in Higher Education Nov 17 2009
See video Orhan Pamuk, Nobel laureate Finding an Authentic Voice Nov 6 2009
See video Rich Cohen, Contributing editor at Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone The Diaspora and Israel Nov 2 2009
See video Leon M. Lederman, Professor of Physics, Nobel Laureate A Life in Science: A Sense of Wonder Oct 15 2009
See video T.V. Paul, James McGill Professor of International Relations, Department of Political Science, McGill University Nuclear Weapons and International Conflict Oct 10 2009
See video Karim Sadjadpour, Associate at the Carnegie Endowment for Peace U.S. Policy Towards Iran: Problems and Prospects Oct 1 2009
See video Robert Baer, Author and Former CIA Operative Dealing With Iran Jul 28 2009
See video Gibor Basri, Professor of Astronomy, University of California Berkeley Reaching for the Stars Jun 14 2009

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