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See video Eva Hoffman, Author Between Memory and History: A Writer's Voice Oct 5 2000
See video Ernst B. Haas, Robson Professor of Government UC Berkeley Science and Progress in International Relations Oct 30 2000
See video J. Clifford Wallace, Judge, Ninth Circuit Court Judges and the Rule of Law Mar 11 2009
See video James Dobbins, Director, International Security and Defense Policy Center, Rand Corporation Nation Building Feb 28 2005
See video Lawrence Wilkerson, Chief of Staff to the Secretary of State (2002-2005 Vice President Cheney and America's Response to 9/11 Apr 3 2008
See video Leon Panetta, former Congressman, former Director of Office of Budget and Management, Director of the CIA Leadership, Values, and the Changing Nature of Politics May 22 2000
See video Robert Gallucci, President of the MacArthur Foundation The Challenges of Philanthropic Leadership Apr 20 2012
See video William Haglund, Director International Human Rights Program Physicians for Human Rights Voices from the Grave Sep 22 2000
See video A. Elizabeth Jones, Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia U.S. Foreign Policy: Continuity and Change After 911 Oct 22 2002
See video Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im, Candler Professor of Law at Emory University Islam and the Secular State Mar 10 2010
See video Abner J. Mikva, former Congressman, Appellate Judge, and Counsel to the President Politics, Values, and the Separation of Powers Sep 15 1999
See video Adam Segal, Ira A. Lipman Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations How American Innovation Can Overcome the Asian Challenge Feb 7 2011
See video Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, USN (Ret.) Chief of Naval Operations (1970-74) Recollections from a Military Career Mar 14 1989
Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, Retired U.S. Naval Admiral Biographical Notes on a Military Career Mar 13 1990
See video Ahmed Rashid, Author and Journalist Descent into Chaos Jun 12 2008
See video Ahmed Kathrada, Counselor to the President of South Africa Alongside Nelson Mandela: Reminiscences of a Former Political Prisoner Under Apartheid Nov 8 1996
See video Ahmed Rashid, Author and Journalist The Rise of Militant Islam Mar 26 2002
See video Ahmed Rashid, Journalist and Author Pakistan on the Brink Mar 24 2012
See video Ahmet C. Bozer, Vice President and President of Coca-Cola International Leadership and Entrepreneurship Dec 3 2014
See video Akbar Ganji, Journalist and Human Rights Activis Islam and Democracy Aug 10 2006
See video Alain C. Enthoven, Marriner S. Eccles Emeritus Professor of Public and Private Management, Stanford University Planning, Policy and Politics Nov 18 2010
See video Alan Cranston, former US Senator from California Democracy, Disarmament and Public Education Apr 17 2000
Alan Donnelly, Member of the European Parliament Preparing Europe for Monetary Union Apr 6 1998
See video Alan K. Simpson, former U.S. Senator, Wyoming Let 'er Rip: Reflections of a Rocky Mountain Senator Sep 17 1997
Albert Bressand, Deputy Director, French Institute for Foreign Affairs, Paris Crisis in the World Economy Nov 4 1982
See video Albie Sachs, Justice, Constitutional Court of South Africa Suffering, Survival, and Transformation Feb 2 1998
See video Alexander Dalgarno, Phillips Professor of Astronomy, Harvard Astrophysics Feb 28 2003
See video Alexander Yakovlev, Architect of Glasnost and Perestroika Shaping Russia's Transformation: A Leader of Perestroika Looks Back Nov 21 1996
See video Alexandra Horowitz, Adjunct Associate Professor Barnard College, Columbia University A Dog's World Apr 4 2013
See video Alexey G. Arbatov, Member of the State Duma of the Russian FederationMember of the State Duma of the Russian Federation: Member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Mar 4 2003
See video Alfred L. Atherton, Former Ambassador at Large for the Middle and Former Director General of the Foreign Service The Peace Process in the Middle East Feb 28 1986
See video Alice Karekezi, Lawyer and Human Rights Activist Justice in Rwanda and the Rights of Women Oct 5 1999
See video Allan Gotlieb, Canadian Ambassador to the U.S. 1981-1989 Reflections on U.S.- Canada Relations Mar 11 2010
See video Allan Gotlieb, former Canadian Ambassador to the U.S. A Canadian Diplomat in the United States Jan 26 1989
Allan Gotlieb, Canadian Ambassador to the United States U.S. - Canadian Relations Mar 21 1985
See video Allan J. Hamilton, Professor of Neurosurgery, Arizona Health Sciences Center A Surgeon's Journey Beyond Science Mar 21 2008

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