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See video Anita Gradin, Swedish Legislator and Diplomat; former European Commissioner Securing the Rights of Women Feb 28 2001
See video Hanna Holborn Gray, Former President, University of Chicago Leadership in Higher Education Nov 17 2009
Colin Gray, President of the National Institute for Public Policy, Fairfax, Virginia Strategy and Nuclear Weapons Oct 9 1986
See video Linda Greenhouse, Knight Distinguished Journalist, Yale Law School Reflections on the Supreme Court Sep 17 2008
See video Glenn Greenwald, Author How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful Nov 3 2011
See video Carol Greider, 2009 Nobel Laureate for Medicine and Physiology Scientific Discovery Mar 4 2014
See video Lawrence K. Grossman, Former President of PBS and NBC News Pioneering Innovations in Broadcast Television Sep 12 2001
See video Sir John Gurdon, Professor of Cell Biology, Cambridge University Revolution in the Biological Sciences Mar 16 2006
See video Sir John Gurdon, 2012 Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Professor of Cell Biology, Cambridge University Revolution in the Biological Sciences Mar 16 2006
Roy Gutman, Correspondent, Newsday; winner of the Pulitzer Prize Witness to Genocide Apr 10 1997
See video Juan Guzman, Chief Judge, Court of Appeals, Santiago, Chile Confronting Chile's History Apr 17 2001
See video Ernst B. Haas, Robson Professor of Government UC Berkeley Science and Progress in International Relations Oct 30 2000
See video Philip Habib, former Undersecretary of State and Special Envoy of the President The Work of Diplomacy May 18 1982
See video William Haglund, Director International Human Rights Program Physicians for Human Rights Voices from the Grave Sep 22 2000
See video Roya Hakakian, Writer, Journalist, Film-Maker, and Author Identity, Freedom, and Revolution Mar 9 2009
See video George C. Halvorson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kaiser Permanente Reforming American Health Care Jun 10 2010
David Hamburg, President, Carnegie Corporation: Conflict and Conflict Resolution Jan 27 1986
See video David Hamburg, President Emeritus, Carnegie Corporation Making Ideas Matter Mar 2 1998
See video Allan J. Hamilton, Professor of Neurosurgery, Arizona Health Sciences Center A Surgeon's Journey Beyond Science Mar 21 2008
See video Sung-Joo Han, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Diplomacy and International Politics Oct 30 2003
See video Wolfram Hanrieder, Professor of Political Science, UC Santa Barbara Germany Apr 5 1990
See video Victor Davis Hanson, Senior Felllow, Hoover Institution Iraq and the Lessons of the Peloponnesian War Mar 14 2006
See video Victor Davis Hanson, Senior Felllow, Hoover Institution War Apr 2 2004
See video Michael Hardt, Professor of Literature and Romance Studies, Duke University Empire Mar 12 2004
See video Eva Harris, Professor of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley Making Science Accessible Mar 15 2001
See video Peter D. Hart, Chairman Peter D. Hart Research Associates Taking the Pulse of America Apr 30 2013
See video John Harte, Professor, Energy and Resources Group and the Ecosystem Sciences Division, University of California, Berkeley Understanding the Global Environmental Crisis Jan 27 2009
See video David Harvey, Distinguished Professor of Anthroplogy, City University of New York A Geographer's Perspective on the New American Imperialism Mar 2 2004
See video Amira Hass, Columnist Haaretz Occupation and Terrorism Oct 24 2003
See video Ron E. Hassner, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of California Berkeley Religion and Politics Feb 8 2011
See video Jeff Hawkins, Entrepreneur and Engineer On Intelligence Oct 3 2012
See video Peter Hayes, Executive Director, Nautilus Institute Political Activism, NGOs, and Globalization Apr 18 2003
See video Siegfried S. Hecker, Former Director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory Science Diplomacy and Nuclear Threats Apr 8 2010
See video Father J. Bryan Hehir, U.S. Catholic Conference Ethics and Foreign Policy Apr 2 1987
See video John Heilbron, Honorary Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford, England Science and History Nov 9 2007
Gunnar Hekscher, Former Leader of the Swedish Conservative Party Where Is Sweden Heading? Feb 28 1983

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