Publications by Harry Kreisler

"Political Awakenings: Conversations with History,Interviews with Twenty of the World's Most Influntial Writers, Thinkers and Activists," (New Press, NY), 2010

Over 485 Conversations with History interviews (1983 to the present)

Building a Demonstration Prototype for the Preservation of Large-Scale Multimedia Collections, Richard Marciano, Chien-Yi Hou, Lynn Burnstan, Harry Kreisler, Reagan Moore, Arcot Rajasekar

Beyond the Cold War: Conflict and Cooperation in the Third World, ed. with George Breslauer and Ben Ward (Berkeley: Institute of International Studies, University of California, 1990)

Confrontation in the Gulf: University of California Professors Talk about the War, editor (Berkeley: Institute of International Studies, University of California, 1990)

I Went to the Movies: A Survivor's Story, with Edie Cottrell (forthcoming)

His articles and interviews have appeared in Armed Forces Journal, Image, Physics Today and California Monthly.

On the Web

July 2005 UCSD Press Release: Libraries and Supercomputer Center Work to Preserve "Conversations with History"

September 2000 article in California Monthly, the Berkeley alumni magazine: The Whole World is Watching

February 2000 article in the Berkeleyan, campus newspaper for faculty and staff: "Conversations with History"

Berkeley Multimedia Research Center's article: "Behind the Scenes on a Web Video Project"

1998 article in the Berkeleyan: Conversations with History in Our Time

1997 article in the Berkeleyan: Expanding Knowledge: Harnessing Technology to Enhance Learning

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