See video Sidney Altman, 1989 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Unraveling the Mystery of Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) Sep 23 2010
See video Gibor Basri, Professor of Astronomy, University of California Berkeley Reaching for the Stars Jun 14 2009
See video Robert M. Berdahl, Chancelor, University of California Berkeley Leading Berkeley into the 21st Century Sep 4 1998
See video Leon Botstein, President, Bard College and Conductor and Music Director, New York Symphony Orchestra Music and Education Mar 10 2011
See video Craig Calhoun, President of the Social Science Research Council (SSRC), NYU University Professor of the Social Science Social Science and the Public Good May 9 2009
See video Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld, Professors Yale Law School The Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups in America Feb 14 2014
George Crowell, Associate Dean, School of Advanced International Study, Johns Hopkins University Graduate Training and Career Opportunities in International Affairs Oct 26 1982
See video Sir Ralf Dahrendorf, Warden, St. Anthony's College, Oxford University Reflections from a Life in Science and Politics Apr 4 1989
See video James O. Freedman, President, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; former President of Dartmouth Liberal Arts and Higher Education Apr 18 2001
See video Harriet Mayor Fulbright, Harvest Distinguished Woman Lecturer International Education Oct 29 2013
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See video David Hamburg, President Emeritus, Carnegie Corporation Making Ideas Matter Mar 2 1998
See video John Heilbron, Honorary Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford, England Science and History Nov 9 2007
See video Ira Michael Heyman, Former Chancellor, University of California Berkeley, Former Secretary, Smithsonian Institution Values, Persuasion, and Leadership in the Public Sector Aug 1 2000
See video Donald Kennedy, President Emeritus, Bing Professor of Environmental Science and Policy, Stanford University Science, Government, and the University Nov 8 2007
See video Harry Kreisler, Host, Creator and Executive Producer of Conversations with History My Forty Years at Berkeley Feb 11 2013
See video Charles R. Larson, Former Commander of US Pacific Forces Education and Military Leadership Mar 9 2000
Hans Mark, Chancellor, University of Texas Technology, Universities, and the Changing International Environment Mar 15 1988
See video Frank Rhodes, President Emeritus, Cornell University Adaptation and Change in the American University Mar 31 1999
See video John R. Searle, Mills Professor of Philosophy Philosophy and the Habits of Critical Thinking Sep 22 1999
See video Harold T. Shapiro, former President of Princeton University and the University of Michigan The Changing Role of University Presidents Mar 18 2003
See video Susan Shirk, Director of the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation Addressing National Security Issues in the Post 911 World Jun 5 2008
See video Neil J. Smelser, University Professor Emeritus of Sociology, University of California Berkeley Reflections on the University of California: From the Free Speech Movement to the Global University. Mar 18 2010
See video Joseph Tussman, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley Education and Citizenship Jan 13 2000
See video Charles M. Vest, Former President of MIT Leading MIT into the 21st Century Sep 12 2005
See video David Ward, President, American Council on Education, and former Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin, Madison Academic Leadership May 2 2001
See video Victor F. Weisskopf, Institute Professor, MIT A Scientist's Odyssey Apr 7 1988
See video James Wright, President Emeritus and Eleazar Wheelock Professor of History, Dartmouth College American Democracy, Veterans, and Higher Education Feb 3 2010
See video Herbert F. York, Director of the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation Reminiscences from a Career in Science, National Security, and the University Feb 6 1988

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