John Barratt, Director of the South African Institute of International Affairs, and Professor of International Relations at the University of Witwatersrand The Present Situation in South Africa Sep 6 1985
See video John Campbell, Ralph Bunche Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations Nigeria Apr 25 2011
See video Oronto Douglas, Environmental Lawyer and Advisor to the President of Nigeria The BP Disaster: Lessons from the Niger Delta Jul 7 2010
See video Oronto Douglas, Environmental Activist and Human Rights Attorney Environmental Justice May 4 2001
See video Shari Eppel, Human Rights Activist Healing Community Trauma: Exhumation and Ritual in Zimbabwe Apr 23 2001
See video Philip Gourevitch, Author and Staff Writer at The New Yorker Reporting the Story of a Genocide Feb 11 2000
Roy Gutman, Correspondent, Newsday; winner of the Pulitzer Prize Witness to Genocide Apr 10 1997
Pallo Jordan, Executive Committee, A.N.C. The African National Congress and the Future of South Africa May 2 1988
See video Alice Karekezi, Lawyer and Human Rights Activist Justice in Rwanda and the Rights of Women Oct 5 1999
See video Ahmed Kathrada, Counselor to the President of South Africa Alongside Nelson Mandela: Reminiscences of a Former Political Prisoner Under Apartheid Nov 8 1996
See video Kenneth D. Kaunda, First President of Zambia (1964-1991) Reflections on Empire, Nationalism, and Globalization Nov 3 2006
Julius G. Kiano, Director of the Kenya Broadcast Corporation and former Kenyan cabinet minister Kenyan Independence: The Early Years Sep 14 1989
See video Princeton Lyman, Director of the Interdependence Initiative at the Aspen Institute U.S. Foreign Policy and Globalization Feb 28 2002
See video Princeton Lyman, Ralph Bunche Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations A Strategic U.S. Approach to Africa Feb 16 2006
Pierre Sané, Secretary General, Amnesty International Human Rights Activism Oct 12 1998
See video Wole Soyinka, 1986 Nobel Laureate in Literature Writing and Political Activism Apr 16 1998
Ernest Wamba dia Wamba, Senator, Democratic Republic of Congo Building Democratic Institutions Mar 17 2004
See video Howard Wolpe, Congressman and Chair of the House Subcommittee on Africa The Role of Congress in Foreign Affairs Nov 12 1982

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