Mashiro Shinoda & Shima Iwashita, Film director; Actress The Movie Experience Feb 27 1999
Shashi Tharoor, Writer and Director of Communications and Special Projects for the Secretary-General of the UN The Art of Writing; The Work of Diplomacy Feb 8 1999
Pierre Sané, Secretary General, Amnesty International Human Rights Activism Oct 12 1998
Robert Wise, Filmmaker The Wise Touch Feb 28 1998
Donald Lamm, Chair, W.W. Norton Publishing Company The Changing World of Publishing Feb 5 1998
John Pomfret, Foreign Correspondent, The Washington Post Covering Human Rights Nov 18 1997
See video Alan K. Simpson, former U.S. Senator, Wyoming Let 'er Rip: Reflections of a Rocky Mountain Senator Sep 17 1997
Richard Goldstone, Justice, Constitutional Court of South Africa, Former Chief Prosecutor for the International Tribunals Law and the Search for Justice Apr 14 1997
Roy Gutman, Correspondent, Newsday; winner of the Pulitzer Prize Witness to Genocide Apr 10 1997
Leighton W. Smith, Admiral, U.S. Navy, (Retired) The U.S. Role in Peacekeeping Operations Apr 1 1997

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